This chrome extension makes your life on Medium better

Ever wondered if your new stories were Chosen for Distribution, but you didn’t feel like going through each individual story to check? Now you no longer need to! This chrome extension takes away the hassle and shows which of your stories were Chosen for further Distribution right on the stats page.

I keep telling myself that I should stop looking at stats and just start writing. But curiosity does get me every now and then. I already found that this extension stops me from going down the rabbit hole of checking each individual story. …

Writing challenge

Challenge yourself to ease into publishing daily

This would definitely be a challenge for me. Photo by Анна Рыжкова from Pexels.

Do you want to publish a story daily? But is something holding you back to write? Or is something holding you back to take the plunge and actually publish them?

If so this is the place to overcome whatever holds you back from publishing. Just write and have fun while doing so.

Also, if you want to iterate towards that lofty 30-day or 100-day goal, this publication may just be the thing as have an audience where you can share your (sub)goals and tell us what you have learned.

I strongly believe that you get better when you practice. And…

I need your input first

As some of you might know, I have created a little chrome-extension that displays which of your stories are currently Chosen For Further Distribution (formerly known as Curated). There is magic in programming. It feels good whenever something you want to do works. And given my skills at development, I must tell you: it’s a rush!

Today I spent some time creating some new functionality. I have some cleaning up to do (oh, the code is horrible!), but most of it is nearly done. I’d like some input on how to proceed. I won’t bore you with the details of…

Save your time while you are procrastinating (or analyzing)

It’s been some time since I have written anything on Medium. My holiday made me do other things. During my vacation, I did stumble upon a post by Ben Ho. In his article, he uncovers a way to see whether your article still has a chance to become Chosen for Further Distribution (aka Curated). He inspired me to release a new version of my chrome extension.

As this is a minor update, I won’t go into detail about all that the extension has to offer. I’ll just stick with the short list of improvements. …


It’s true what they say about the journey and the destination

Photo by Kong Jun on Unsplash

the love we share

in our summer holidays

is much greater than

the location and weather

in our short time together

My summer holiday has begun. I just got back from vacation and maybe I should finish the drafts I started about what I experienced in my vacation. I was, however, faced with having to spend time with my family.

And what a great experience that has been. Again. Each holiday, I am so thankful for the pure joy I get from being with my wife and kids all day long. It’s got nothing to do with where we are…

A few words a day can make my day

One sentence poems interest me. I have read some that are really powerful. This sentence isn’t much, but I consider it…

Björk and a video game got me into Atari Teenage Riot

Alec Empire, founder of Atari Teenage Riot, holding his TR-909. Photo by TheArches

I have included a Spotify-playlist at the end of this article in case you want to listen while reading. Fair warning: most likely, the music will distract you from reading.

It’s a really bloody noisy racket

“It’s a really bloody noisy racket, you know?” was the answer when I asked a friend to borrow an Atari Teenage Riot CD. I was undaunted. One of my favourite albums at the time was Homogenic by Björk. And Alec Empire, the founding empire of Atari Teenage Riot, happened to have remixed the song Jóga on it.

Alec Empire’s work at the time was not for frail souls or people…

The ceremony was about to start. I was at a wedding. I calmed parents, guests, and wedding officiants. “He’ll be there,” I said. The best man was yet to arrive. “He does this. He will probably arrive any moment now.”

I was not sure about that last statement. The best man — or should I say, my best man — was always late. I got my phone out of my inside pocket from my wedding suit and listened to the excuse: “Oh, we thought it was an hour later.”

This could have been me. Trust me: I was calm on the outside. Photo by drobotdean —

I knew my best friend was a faffinator. He gets distracted…


All top writer tags and a little bit of their history

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to my tags during my time on Medium. I apply tags that I think are appropriate to a story. Seeing a couple of stories regarding top writer tags had me wonder whether I should step up my game and use the Top Writer Tags, so I’ve done some research and compiled a table with everything I could find.

Photo by cookie_studio —

In this article, I share my data, how to interpret the data and I also share some of my observations. It is down to you to decide whether you can do something useful with it…

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I write about anything that sparks my interest. Usually, it’s things that amaze, touch or surprise me.

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